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SPX Announces Acquisition of Sealite

Further Expands and Strengthens SPX’s Position in Engineered Lighting Solutions

Sabik Marine is excited to share that SPX Corporation has acquired Sealite and affiliated entities Avlite Systems and Star2M. These businesses have become a key operating company in SPX’s Aids to Navigation (“AtoN”) business platform, alongside Flash Technology and Sabik Marine, reporting through SPX’s Detection & Measurement segment.

Flash, Sabik and Sealite share a common philosophy and commitment to meeting customer requirements. The combination of these world-class businesses will create an even stronger organization, capable of meeting navigational safety needs across a broader range of solutions, and with greater speed, efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, our combined organizational resources will better enable us to innovate, develop new products and further improve our customer service and technical support capabilities across the globe.

We are committed to serving you and your needs. Whether you are a customer of Flash Technology, Sabik Marine, Avlite or Sealite, your support will continue with existing customer service contact(s). Our businesses will operate as usual and, should there be changes in the future that are applicable to you, we will communicate with you as early and often as possible.

Please find below the announcement from SPX Corporation. We are excited about our future together with Sealite and look forward to continuing to provide you with a wide range of excellent products and services.

SPX Announces Acquisition of Sealite Pty Ltd