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The Connectivity Transformation Continues: Sabik's LTE-M Enabled Offering is Expanding

In a significant leap forward for maritime navigation, Sabik proudly introduces the integration of LTE-M technology into the PEL 7, PEL 4, VLS 46, VLS 46U, and VRB 25 LED lanterns. This pivotal advancement establishes a new era of connectivity, offering a multitude of benefits that enhance the functionality and control of our navigational aids.


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Building upon the success of our earlier LTE-M update, we are thrilled to announce that this groundbreaking technology is now enabled in an even wider range of our products. Now, the PEL 7, PEL 4, VLS 46, VLS 46U and VRB 25 LED join the ranks of digitally empowered navigational aids. In this second part of our LTE-M series, we explore how this integration transforms these lanterns into smart, connected devices, enhancing not only remote visibility but also providing unprecedented control and insights for our users.

A Unified Network: Standardized Connectivity Across Lantern Series

At the heart of this transformation is the incorporation of LTE-M technology, providing these lanterns with the capability for remote monitoring. This integration unlocks real-time insights into the status and performance of the lanterns, empowering our customers with a comprehensive view of their navigational aids. 

The PEL 7, PEL 4, VLS 46, VLS 46U, and VRB 25 LED—all integral members of the Sabik lantern series—will now feature LTE-M capabilities, ensuring a standardized and advanced level of connectivity across the product line. The LTE-M update not only enhances compatibility for all mentioned products but also seamlessly integrates them with our cutting-edge LightGuard Monitoring platform.

To facilitate this connectivity, an special engineered LTE-M unit is meticulously mounted on each lantern. By enabling this connectivity, an even bigger portion of Sabik lanterns becomes part of a unified network, streamlining maintenance processes and bolstering overall safety and reliability.

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Bluetooth Control in PEL 7 and PEL 4 Lanterns

A notable feature of this integration is the introduction of Bluetooth® control, an added capability for the PEL 7 and PEL 4 lanterns. This capability not only enhances adaptability and user-friendliness but also takes the programming and control of these lanterns to unprecedented levels. Users can effortlessly access and monitor functions from up to 50 meters, a feature seamlessly  facilitated by the Sabik Bluetooth® Control app. Beyond adding layers of convenience, this innovative integration ensures safety, allowing users to check the lantern's status with ease from the vessel or quayside, eliminating the need to physically access difficult-to-reach locations.


The versatility of our LTE-M enabled lanterns extends across various maritime applications. Whether guiding vessels through hazardous waters, or enhancing visibility in harbors, these lanterns redefine the landscape of maritime navigation. The LTE-M integration into the PEL 7, PEL 4, VLS 46, VLS 46U, and VRB 25 LED lanterns not only expands the capabilities of these individual products but also sets the stage for a more interconnected and digitally empowered maritime environment. 

The following Sabik lanterns, are now LTE-M enabled:

PEL 7, PEL 4, VLS 46, VLS 46U, VRB 25 LED, LED160, LHC-2 Lighthouse Controller, LO200M, M44H, MPV II, VP II, ODSL200, SC160-I, SC160-II, SCLO200M, SLD-1 Sabik Lamp Driver, SLU24/36


LTE-M: A Recap and brief Insight into the Technology

LTE-M, or Long-Term Evolution for Machines, is used extensively across a spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including asset tracking, smart meters, environmental monitoring, healthcare devices, and, in our case, enhancing the capabilities of products like our lanterns. Its low power consumption, expansive coverage, and reliability make it an excellent choice for connecting and monitoring remote devices and equipment.

LTE-M's backward compatibility with 2G ensures a seamless transition for existing systems and provides a future proof solution.

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