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Sabik supports recovery of key aids to navigation infrastructure in Ukraine


Sabik Marine is proud to offer our continued support to the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine (SHSU) during the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Our lanterns are among the top priority needs of the SHSU to maintain proper and uninterrupted navigational safety support in Ukrainian waters. 

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We have delivered 100 VLB-5X lanterns to the SHSU to aid the recovery of key navigation infrastructure that has been destroyed during the war. And in particular, to help secure important shipping channels through the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

These channels are essential for both the Ukrainian economy and to sustain the humanitarian corridor, which provides grain to countries and communities that are experiencing food shortages.

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 “The SHSU would like to extend our appreciation for the sufficient contribution of Sabik Marine to help Ukraine rebuild key aids to navigation infrastructure that has been destroyed during the current war”

Vitaliy Kindrativ
Head of the State Hydrographic Service Ukraine

The team at Sabik would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Omar Frits Eriksson IALA Deputy Secretary-General, and his team at the IALA Disaster Recovery Fund, for their assistance which made the safe delivery possible.

Thank you to the voluntary group Zeroline Logistics who ensured the safe passage of the lanterns to their destination. We would also like to thank Ouneva Group who has also been a big supporter of this project. We are honored to be able to continue our support of the SHSU.

“The Finnish and Estonian people have a unique relationship with the Ukrainians due to our history. The team at Sabik is proud that through our support, we can help Ukraine to maintain safe navigation and grain transportation that is essential for the economy and communities around the world.”

Lars Mansner
Managing Director, Sabik Marine.

We would like to encourage other maritime organisations to contribute to this initiative. All of us can participate in making a difference and contributing to a safer and better future for our global community.

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If you would like to find out how your organisation can help the IALA Disaster Recovery Fund, please get in touch with Lars Mansner, Managing Director at Sabik.

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