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Modern upgrades for lighthouse beacons

Two choices: A modern LED light source for traditional optics or a completely new lighthouse lantern

Lighthouses are towers or substantial structures which show a signal light by night and operate as a significant daymarks during daytime. Lighthouse structures can be of many colors, shapes and materials. Nowadays there are several light source options available for lighthouses. When searching for the right option the question comes to the historical value of the lighthouse. Do you want to cherish the historical values and appearance of a traditional lighthouse but also achieve modern operational benefits and reduced maintenance costs? Or would you prefer a completely new, modern and cost-efficient solution? 

One option is to replace the traditional lamp with a new LED light source while preserving the traditional lighthouse optics. This is a good choice if the traditional look, existing optics, rotating beam, flash characteristics and heritage value of a traditional lighthouse are important to you. A new light source extends the service life of a traditional lighthouse without expensive and complicated decommissioning activities. Benefits such as remote monitoring options, lower maintenance costs and option for solar power are achieved with LED technology while still cherishing the historical values.

On the other hand, if the lighthouse doesn't have great historical value or there is lack of maintenance, a modern lighthouse lantern can be a better option. Frequent maintenance is needed to keep large glass optics clean and to maintain the old mechanics of rotating optics. Still, despite these efforts old mechanical equipment will always bear certain risk for failing. A completely new, modern lighthouse lantern has higher reliability and provides cost savings by reduced need for maintenance and better availability of spare parts. 

The infographic below outlines the two paths for modernizing a lighthouse.


Our lighthouse beacons are high intensity omnidirectional lanterns and long range rotating beacons. Take a look at our product offering below.

A new light source for historical lighthouses

SLU-24/SLU-36 Sabik Lighthouse Unit is designed to replace traditional lamps inside historical lighthouses. It offers a solution to increase reliability and reduce operation costs while maintaining the appearance and the historical value of a traditional lighthouse. Sabik Lighthouse Unit is a reliable and efficient LED light source to replace traditional lamps in lighthouses equipped with classic rotating or fixed glass optics. 

Modern lighthouse lanterns

M44H and VRB-25 LED are compact and cost efficient lanterns that are suitable for any lighthouse or fixed beacon. The control and monitoring features and maintenance free LED light sources make them very easy to maintain. High reliability and low power consumption reduce the operating costs. These lanterns can also be installed outside without separate shelter.

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