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M44: A Versatile Powerhouse

We are thrilled to introduce the M44 lantern, a beacon of cutting-edge technology in high-intensity omnidirectional lanterns. This blog post aims not only to showcase the M44 but also to guide you through the selection process by comparing it with our LED160 and M44H lanterns, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your maritime needs.


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M44: Diverse Innovation 

The M44 lantern, tailored for versatility, stands as a beacon of innovation in navigational lighting. Crafted with precision, the lantern features a robust machine-cast acrylic lens and a marine-grade aluminum body, rendering it exceptionally suitable for diverse marine environments. With its diverse range, broad intensity spectrum, and multiple potential divergences, it adeptly serves both large floating aids and fixed installations.  The lantern's seamless programmability via Bluetooth ensures high efficiency, while the optional GNSS sync and LTE-M connectivity elevate it to a new level of technological advancements.

This beacon is available in four IALA signal colors, offering options for various applications. What sets the M44 apart is its flexibility with three different vertical divergences: 2.5D, 5D, and 10D. Operating on a nominal input voltage of 12 VDC / 24 VDC, with a maximum input voltage of 32 VDC and reverse polarity protection, the M44 ensures reliable performance.  Easily configure the M44 using the Sabik Bluetooth™ app, enabling customized adjustments to meet specific site requirements effortlessly.

The M44 beacon comes equipped with wire synchronization, enabling synchronization of flash characters with other Sabik beacons within wiring distance.  For enhanced synchronization with remotely located beacons, the optional GNSS sync becomes a valuable addition. With its versatile features and an impressive range, the M44 is designed to replace both the VLB44X and the LED350 lanterns, making it a beacon of choice for precision and efficiency in navigational lighting.

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Choosing the right lantern

In our quest for innovation, we understand the critical role that range plays in maritime lighting solutions. To guide you through the capabilities of our beacons, we've prepared a visual comparison of the M44, M44H, and LED160 lanterns. This illustration highlights the versatile range each beacon offers, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your specific navigational needs. Whether you're seeking a long-range solution, a compact yet powerful option, or an all-around performer, our lanterns are designed to illuminate your maritime journey with precision and efficiency. 

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LED160: All-Round Brilliance Our LED160 lantern is the epitome of optical performance, suitable for buoys and fixed installations. With a rugged injection-molded aluminum housing and extremely low power consumption, this lantern provides flexibility for solar and battery operation. The adjustable intensity and range, along with optional GPS synchronization and GSM remote monitoring, make it a comprehensive choice.

M44H: Long-Range Excellence For those requiring a long-range solution, the M44H lantern excels with a range of 20 NM by night and 3.4 NM by day. Its modular structure allows for intensity and power optimization, while Bluetooth control, a small footprint, and low power consumption ensure seamless operation. The maintenance-free LED light source and automatic day and night detection add to its performance.

Keep in mind that while range is a pivotal factor, there are other considerations in selecting the right lantern for your maritime environment. For a tailored consultation considering all factors, feel free to reach out to your local sales representative. They are well-equipped to provide personalized guidance to ensure your navigational lighting solution aligns seamlessly with your requirements. 



The M44, with its diverse innovation, stands out as a beacon tailored for versatility, featuring precision craftsmanship and technological advancements. Its flexibility, varying range, and seamless programmability make it suitable for diverse marine environments, setting it apart as the ideal replacement for both the VLB44X and LED350 lanterns. Whether you seek a long-range solution, a compact yet powerful option, or an all-around performer, our lanterns are designed to illuminate your maritime journey with precision and efficiency.


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