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First in the world - Sabik introduces Bluetooth® Control

Sabik is pleased to introduce its new Sabik Bluetooth® Control app based on Bluetooth® Smart technology. This advanced app will revolutionize the programming and control of marine lanterns with an easy to use interface and built-in intelligence.  

Sabik, an international leading manufacturer of aids-to-navigation introduces the new, innovative LightGuard Bluetooth Smart for programming and control of marine lanterns. 

This advanced app will revolutionize programming and control of your lantern. Sabik is specialised in creating innovative products using LED technology in order to increase safety on the sea, on the roads as well as in the railways. Now with introducing the new LightGuard Bluetooth Smart programming and control app, Sabik is strengthening its position further as a leading provider of aids-to-navigation for marine industry. 

With LightGuard Bluetooth Smart app the programming and control of the lanterns is so much easier than before. Now you are able to read functions of the lantern up to 50 meters. This saves time and costs in the maintenance trips and will simplify maintenance of lanterns. This new app will reduce the need of climbing on a buoy in order to read the lantern and battery status which will reduce risks of maintenance. There is no need to carry a separate programmer; all you need is a smartphone. 

“We are very excited to show the way for the industry yet again with the launch of this new LightGuard Bluetooth Smart app as first one in the world. This new innovation is another great example of how far our talented R&D can stretch. Also the integration of different platforms in developing this new app has been amazing”, tells Lars Mansner, Managing Director of Sabik Oy.