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Compact, Powerful and Efficient

A new, modern lantern for lighthouses and fixed beacons

Nowadays there are a number of lantern options available for lighthouses. In our recent article 'Modern Upgrades for Lighthouse Beacons’, we explore the different lanterns that are currently available for those looking to retain traditional lighthouse optics and also for those looking to achieve the operational and maintenance benefits of a completely new and modern lantern.

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If a modern option is a preferred choice, the new M44H provides the ideal solution. The M44H is a long-range lantern that is suitable for lighthouses or fixed beacons. Small and powerful, it provides a cost-effective solution for long-range navigation.

With a modular structure, the M44H is available in 1, 2 and 3-tier versions.  This supports greater intensity and power optimisation for your site. The M44H is controlled with Bluetooth and due to high efficiency and advanced heat management, it is an environmentally conscious choice with an exceptionally small footprint and low power consumption.


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M44H Benefits

1. Greater Safety Benefits

With a standard range of 13-20 NM and a maximum range of 22NM, the M44H can be seen from a long distance, enabling a safer approach for vessels. Small and powerful, the M44H has a peak intensity of 38,000 cd up to 114,000 cd in white and 17,500 cd up to 52,500 cd in red when the three are combined in a modular structure. The M44H is Omni-directional and has a vertical divergence of 2,5° ensuring maximum visibility from a variety of angles and approaches.

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2. A Cost-Efficient Choice
Advancements in technology help to reduce your operational and maintenance costs. The streamlined and compact design means that the M44H is available at a lower price than older lantern models and can be shipped economically. Its scalable design means that you can expand the power and intensity of the lantern at a single site.

Low power consumption of 250 W at peak intensity reduces the operating costs of the M44H when compared to previous models. The automatic intensity and power control enable the lantern to be set to use the minimum possible power for the required output; with adjustable day and night intensity and automatic day and night detection and transition.

3. Easy Installation and Maintenance
The M44H can also be installed outside without a separate shelter and its lightweight structure supports a streamlined installation process. The control and monitoring features and maintenance-free LED light sources make it very easy to maintain and Bluetooth enables the lantern to be accessed and programmed remotely.

4. Reliability Guaranteed
The M44H features automatic power and heat management as well as reduced inrush currents to offer greater protection to your asset. It has built-in backup functionality (two units) so you are always able to check the operating status of the lantern. It is also supported by an optional GNSS synchronization and remote asset monitoring technology.

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