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Sabik lightens up Russian ports


Russian ports are linking all the transport in Russia

Russian ports are operating under heavy traffic all around the year in the changing weather conditions. There are several major ports operating under the port administration of Rossmorport branch in the Black Sea area. Novorossiysk is the largest one of the ports in the Southern part of Russia, then there are also Geledgik, Anapa, Eysk, Temryuk, Taman, Caucasus and Tuapse. These ports handled approx. 30% of the whole goods transshipment in the Russia in 2013, which is approx. 174 million tons. The share of the Novorossiysk port was approx. 113 million tons, 19% of the whole Russian transshipments.

Strict requirements for the lanterns

Sabik started in 2011 to deliver lanterns to support the renewal project of the ports in the Southern part of Russia. The requirements for the lanterns were high, they needed to be working in harsh weather conditions with low power consumption and be robust in design. The lanterns used in the first phase of the project in Novorossiysk were LED 155, VP LED, LS 100 and ODSL 200. LED 155 is a general purpose LED lantern commonly used on both fixed and oating structures and the VP LED is a lantern designed to be used also in moderate ice conditions. The LS 100 LED signal is designed for applications of short and medium range directional light, such as port entry signals. ODSL 200 is an innovative, compact new sector lantern with accurate sector borders.

High light intensity appreciated

The customers chose Sabik lanterns because of the high quality of the products and low power consumption. They especially appreciated high light intensity of the lanterns. They also know that Sabik products are durable and can be trusted even in the hardest weather conditions.

Marine Products in this Reference

LED 155
ODSL 200


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