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PEL-4 in Gdynia port, Poland

Sabik Marine PEL4-Gdynia

Pronaw Sp. z o.o. had cooperated with Vega already for more than 10 years as the authorized distributor of Vega products in Poland. In 2007, Vega PEL-3, based on halogen lamps, was the first PEL in Polish coastline. Now, together with Sabik Marine, Pronaw provided the first LED PEL sector lantern to solve critical challenge in the demanding port entry reconstruction program in Gdynia, Poland

Gdynia port reconstruction program

The end-client, Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. initiated a program called “Deepening of the fairway and internal sea areas of the Port of Gdynia” allowing services for larger ships of length even up to 400 m. Part of the project was extension of inner entrance, which required rebuilding the structure of groyne at the location of the lower lead light tower. Rebuilding affect to the structure so that there was no place anymore for the lower tower at the port entrance. Construction of the new lead light system containing two towers was therefore limited by available space and budget.

After consultations, Port Authority decided to modernize the existing higher tower and install single sector light type PEL instead to show the safe way to the port. Range light VRL-74 was installed above PEL to identify more easily the sector light among another port lights. Lanterns were connected with monitoring system.

Pronaw Sp. Z o.o offered Port Authority the comprehensive project package: complex works including modernization of tower construction, steel works, electric works and mounting of lantern with alignment. Sabik Marine was responsible for adjusting the sectors to match the local requirements and conditions. Comprehensive apporoach offered by Pronaw, and their experience made the installation successful and completed the project as planned. The first months have shown that the project has been triumphant and all exectations were fulfilled. The decision of one single tower with PEL-4 simplified the reconstruction process and investment as well as reducing costs.

“We estimate savings for the end client for more than 100.000 EUR for not having to construct a new tower for lead light,” says Mr Marek Tomaszewski, Chairman of the board of Pronaw Sp. z o.o , and continues

“Having a manufacturing partner with such a wide range of products like Sabik Marine allows Pronaw to participate in more projects than earlier, to give better offers and more dedication to our own clients. We rate Sabik as the most experienced producer in the Aids to Navigation, which also gives us confidence knowing that we provide the most reliable products available on the market.”


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