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Precision Sector Light PEL-4 installed on the iconic Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver, Canada

Precision Sector Light PEL-4 installed on the iconic Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver, Canada

Go Deep International (GDI) was contacted by Canadian Coast Guard‘s Western region (CCG) to assist with a project that they were working on with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA). VFPA were looking to provide improved AtoN for the First Narrows passage at the entrance to Vancouver Harbour which is straddled by the Lions Gate Bridge. GDI has worked with CCG Western Region on a number of interesting Sector Light projects. These include a PEL-6 installed for the Second Narrows in Vancouver Harbour and a challenging project at the Port of Prince Rupert where an on-demand Double PEL-6 system was designed to increase sector coverage and day-time intensity.

PEL-4 at Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, CanadaCCG provided the drawings indicating sector angles for both incoming and outgoing traffic and outlined the operational environment, vessel bridge heights and maintenance challenges.

One of the main challenges was the height of the Lions Gate Bridge above the First Narrows passage which creates a vertical divergence challenge. The Sector Light needed to be mounted below the bridge superstucture at the centre of the channel and maintain visibility at relatively short range and yet still be visible at longer ranges.

The solution was similar to GDI design for the Port of Prince Rupert, in this case using two PEL lights to increase the overall vertical divergence of the system by installing the PEL-4 lights in tandem with one light angled to service vessels at a distance and the other one angled to service vessels closer to the bridge. This created a sector light with a 13.4 degree vertical divergence to solve this problem.

LED 160 at Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, CanadaFour LED 160 lanterns were also installed with wire based synchronization to provide both incoming and outgoing vessels with air draft awareness under the Lions Gate Bridge.

A key attribute of the PEL-4 that was fundemental in making this project a success was the significant vertical divergence that it provides compared to other sector lights on the market.

Another significant benefit and reason for choosing the PEL-4 Sector Light is the LED light source (no lamp changer or lamps) and the improved oscillating boundary system that results in a virtually maintenance free solution with upto 7 sectors available.


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