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Sabik 5-tier LED 350H lighting a historical port in New Zealand up to an impressive over 30NM


For over 30 years has Sabik been delivering several LED lanterns all over the world. During 2015 we have been installing new special solutions to extreme locations including several tier versions of LED 350H. As an example there is a recent project in New Zealand, where a 5-tier LED 350H has been mounted at Godley Head on Banks Peninsula, at the northern entrance of Lyttelton Harbour.

An important port with long history

This headland is a very historic place as it has always been an important entrance for many seafarers approaching New Zealand through Lyttelton harbour. The lighthouse at Godley Head was the second light erected in New Zealand after Pencarrow Head, and it was first mooted in 1849 by a Captain Thomas, in preparation for the settlement of Canterbury. After almost one hundred and fifty years’ service to the port, the original lighthouse had come to its end and had to be removed. Time and heavy storms had taken their toll and the cliffs beneath the old lighthouse had already partly collapsed to the sea. A series of severe earthquakes, the worst on 22 February 2011, finished the light off although the structure was salvaged for later reconstruction as a historic building.

Vital lantern for the port navigation

The new version of the light in the form of 5-tiered LED 350H was a result of persistence of three men, Bill Oliver, Bryce Gordon and Dave McLoughlin, who soon after the destruction of the original Godley Head light in 2011 realized its importance to the port. After the demolition of the original lighthouse, Bill Oliver, Bryce Gordon and Dave McLoughlin wrote to LPC (Lyttelton Port Company, previously Lyttelton Harbour Board) on the importance of this light to seafarers. They also wrote to Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and Environment Canterbury Regional Council (ECan) with their concerns. “All major ports have an approach light, and even in these modern days of GPS and electronic charts there is something quite reassuring about seeing the light as you approach a port – where would we be without these lights if the ship’s electronics fail?” says Holcim Captain Dave McLoughlin.

Light of the 5-tier Sabik LED 350H up to an impressive 36NM

Finally, in mid-2013, ECan took on the project to save the lighthouse. After the persistent campaign of the three men, the new, improved, modern mini version of the lighthouse at Godley Head beamed out its first light at dusk on the 7th December 2015. The Sabik 5-tier LED 350H light was installed to show the way for the seafarers again and has been detected up to an impressive 36 nautical miles away from the coastline in good weather conditions.

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