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A new design modular lighthouse by Norwegian Coastal Administration together with Sabik lanterns breaks ice in Svalbard archipelago


A Norwegian lighthouse redesigned

In 2010 the northernmost solar powered lighthouse in Norway received a completely new design created by Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) combining Sabik lantern to aid navigation. Sabik’s LED 350 lantern is tailored to suit the northern ice conditions and is well suited to this stylish and sleek base designed by NCA.

Lots of requirements for the design

This lighthouse structure was developed in order to reduce the maintenance costs of Norwegian Coastal Administration. NCA required a maintenance free structure combined with a good lantern visibility and with low power consumption. It was also important that the structure would suit well in the landscape and would have the same features as the traditional lighthouses but still with a modern design. Other requirements included a smooth surface to reduce retention of dirt and algae.

Sabik chosen because of reliability

The structure had to also have ease of stacking, be easy to transfer and be in low weight due to helicopter transfer. NCA tested about 20 different designs in a navigation simulator with different heights, widths, colours and shapes and compared to traditional objects. Also strength and wind loads were calculated. Finally after rigorous testing NCA chose this lighthouse structure with Sabik lantern because of durability and design of the structure and reliability of the lantern.

Sabik products are easily customised

All the Sabik lanterns are manufactured to work both economically and ecologically with low power consumption and with solar panels such as this one. This style can also be tailored to suit other environments and other weather conditions.

Marine Products in this Reference

LED 350

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