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Sabik LED lanterns show the way in Indonesia


Important project for safer navigation 

Sabik has been delivering lanterns to various locations in Indonesia since 2007. Sabik’s distributor PT Terravision has been coordinating the whole project in the region. They have also been trusted for delivery, installation and implementation of Sabik’s lanterns and systems in Indonesia. For P.T. TerraVision it is really important to create safety navigation for vessels, which sail in the Indonesia region.

Remote monitoring and control 

The products delivered to Indonesia include LED 350 1 – 7 tier, LED 155 and SC155. In addition to these products Sabik has supplied remote monitoring application WebSCADA software for this project. As communication link between lanterns and server has Inmarsat and AIS been used.

Installation of lanterns in Indonesia has been challenging because of the changing weather conditions and difficult access to the locations. Some are on top of a hill or a mountain, in a deep forest, on a small island or on an uninhabited island etc. Some of them have to be reached even by air. For example in Benoa District, some of the lighthouses are in a small island and after a ship route there one has to continue by foot, by walking pass a dense jungle.

Great service from Sabik

”We have started this project with SABIK in 2007. Our first impression working together with them is great. They have fully supported us from the details of product information. Sabik have a great service and support team to do the delivery, installation and commisioning etc. It’s great working with them and we look forward to working again with Sabik in the future projects.” (P.T. TerraVision Indonesia)


Marine Products in this Reference

LED 350
LED 155
SC 155

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