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PEL-6 and VegaWeb innovative solution in Thailand



BLCP is an independent power producer located at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, in the Rayong province on Thailand’s east coast. There are multiple power companies producing electricity and fuel in this estate, for distribution across all of Thailand.

The coal and other raw materials for BLCP to process, are delivered via a channel that runs alongside the site, where ships dock at its jetty. The navigation lights to guide the approach to the jetty historically included two conventional lead lights fixed to a tubular steel tower.

A new terminal was developed in 2007 by the PTT LNG Company to facilitate the delivery of Liqueed Nitrogen to the estate. This terminal was built adjacent to the BLCP power station, which meant the existing lead lights needed to be relocated.

The new approach involved two new lead lights, which were placed on land, which the new terminal occupies. BLCP and PTT LNG now share the channel.


PEL-6-3.5D with oscillating boundary
PEL-6-5D with oscillating boundary
Solar powered Large VegaWeb with GPRS

The system was designed to make the best use of the limited space available, which was rented from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. The solution relies on the optical design of the PEL-6 to provide the precision sectors required to safely guide ships in and out of the approach. Vega’s PEL Precision Sector Lights were the only way to the meet the requirements of the solution.


The result of this installation has seen improved performance for the jetty approach, through efficient use of the limited space available.

The two PEL-6 Precision Sector Lights installed with VegaWeb monitoring, with GPRS modems can be switch on and o remotely which mean that they need only be turned on when ships are approaching the jetty, cutting down the maintenance and operating costs.

When assessing suppliers for this project, BLCP were looking for high optical performance, reliability and quality. The reputation of Vega products, along with the proven track record of the PEL lights (known to be capable of 20+ years of service life) were a compelling and successful choice.

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