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The 6 Key Benefits of Rigwatcher – the Offshore Decommissioning Marking Solution

When a drilling platform is being decommissioned and brought back to shore for dismantling, and the gravity legs are left in the sea, there lies a new challenge: how to make the sea safe for mariners? That is where our new decommissioning solution Rigwatcher, the new helicopter portable offshore lighthouse, comes to the rescue.

According to safety regulations and legalities, all offshore structures need to be marked. However, marking these structures in hard-to-reach locations have been costly and complex operations – until now. Here are the six key benefits that make Rigwatcher a pre-eminent choice for your decommissioning project.

1. Compact helicopter-portable package enables deployment even to the most challenging locations

Since the enormous concrete gravity structures are miles away from the shore, accessing them is often limited and difficult. Rigwatcher is the perfect self-contained aids to navigation solution for marking decommissioned platforms in challenging locations, as the compact single-lift design allows deployment by helicopter even to the most distant platforms. The installation and replacement method of a helicopter drop-off/pick-up ensures personnel safety and reduces upkeep costs, as the actual maintenance work is done onshore.

2. Excellent reliability and proven design that meet the requirements set by authorities

Rigwatcher meets the requirements set by the authorities in the UK and Ireland on marking offshore oil and gas platforms during decommissioning and total removal of structures (GLA Navigation marking Guidance). Monitoring and inbuilt redundancy to maintain availability by secondary systems meets the IALA availability requirement according to Recommendation O-130 (ed. 2 June 2011).

Rigwatcher runs on a completely redundant system; every technical component is duplicated and in hot standby mode. In case of a component failure, the backup component will take over. The mechanical design can withstand even the most severe weather conditions and the structure is tested and certified by DNV. The frame is made of high grade aluminum and stainless steel. The bases that are permanently fixed on top of the rig pillars are made of duplex stainless steel that is extra resistant to corrosion and fatigue. Rigwatchers are individually named. The structure is tested and marked according to the DNV standards for portable offshore units.

3. Energy-efficient and maintenance-free solar solution

Using the latest optical technology, our LED lanterns are exceptionally low power and therefore particularly suitable for solar applications in platforms, where power has or is planned to be removed. Rigwatcher is an autonomous and a fully operational unit by itself. Solar charged batteries cover the entire energy consumption, even when installation sites are far in the North or South, and the daytime is short. The long operation time minimizes maintenance efforts and costs. Rigwatcher is the easiest and the most reliable way to ensure marine safety near permanent offshore structures.

4. Permanent offshore decommissioning solution for continuous use

Rigwatcher is designed for continuous use in permanent marking applications, such as concrete gravity legs remaining after dismantling the platform. It delivers the continuing confidence post platform abandonment. Due to Rigwatcher’s compact and cost-effective design, it can also be used as a quickly deployed temporary marking for cold stacked platforms with the security that if a problem arises with the system, a replacement Rigwatcher can be installed where personnel access is not possible. When decommissioning project is finished, the same Rigwatcher can remain as a permanent marking on site.

5. Safe and reliable remote monitoring

To ensure peace of mind, Rigwatcher’s operation and performance can be remotely monitored via satellite connection or GSM. The system will also send an alarm message to the maintenance personnel, if something unordinary is detected.

6. Reduction of operational costs

Finally, due to all of the above, Rigwatcher is a cost-effective solution that delivers long service life and reduced operational costs. When an oil rig is decommissioned, Rigwatcher can be installed on top of the concrete gravity leg and from that moment onwards, there is no need for personnel to visit the platform. This maintenance-free, durable and reliable autonomous package increases efficiency, and generates time and cost savings to the operator.

Rigwatcher meets all your regulatory and operational needs. It is a compact package that delivers the continuing confidence post platform abandonment. With today’s pressures of financial optimization and strict investment budgets, Rigwatcher is the perfect match for any offshore decommissioning project.


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