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Self-Contained Lanterns QUICK GUIDE

Find which self-contained lantern
meets your needs with our
new quick guide

Self-contained (SC) lanterns are a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable alternative to marine lanterns powered by a primary battery or component lanterns with a separate solar power system for a range of fairway and port-marking applications.


Choosing the right solution for your specific needs can feel like a daunting task, with multiple variables to consider, including installation location, power requirements, charging technology and battery capacity, as well as additional payloads such as the light source and possible monitoring and communication components. It’s no wonder, then, that we’re frequently approached to help customers identify a solution that ticks all the boxes for their application.

Questions we get asked a lot include:

  • Which solar panel technology is right for me?
  • Which battery technology suits us best?
  • What array-to-load ratio does my application need?
  • Do I need remote monitoring and GPS synchronization?

To discover the answers to these questions and more, download our latest quick guide “Self-contained lanterns – A quick guide to equipment selection for fairway managers and port authorities.”

Download the guide now >