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A special structure for Carmanah M550 lanterns installed easily in Slovenia


A quick solution needed for M550 buoy application

A Sabik distributor Heliant offers a easily and quickly installed special structure developed for Carmanah and Sabik lanterns, which can be used as a strong pillar and strengthening structure for the lanterns on a buoy. This aluminum structure was recently provided as a solution with high-performance Carmanah M550 lanterns for Costruzioni Generali Xodo S.r.l., a company dealing with excavation and earth moving. They needed to solve in a brief time a problem to signal a floating tube that sucks sand from the sea floor to bring it back on the beach in the Slovenian coast.

A problem solved in a very short time

The company needed a durable structure for installing M550 lanterns for mooring buoys and Heliant offered their solution for it. The customer chose to solve their problem by installing a cost-effective solution including Carmanah M550 lanterns for small mooring buoys with a special structure provided by Heliant. It took only two days to customize Heliant’s solution for this particular buoy application and the installation took two more days. The same structure is usually used for installation of Solar PV panels.

“Our customer needed in a very short time a cost-effective functional solution which would be compatible with Carmanah M550 lanterns. We have these components always in stock, so it was very easy and quick for us to assembly the support structure“, tells Marco Vavalà, Industrial Engineer, Heliant Srl.

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