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Sabik LED lights saving lives and costs at Archangelsk port in Russia


Sabik has been delivering LED lights to ensure safety at responsibility area of Archangelsk branch of FGUP “Rosmorport”, which includes basin of White sea; Archangelsk, Onega with Belomorsk and Solovki terminal, Mezen port and also Barents sea port Naryan-Mar. Soon the Sabetta port at Gulf of Ob of Cara sea will also be added into this branch. The products used in this project were fixed lights, mostly range lights and floating buoys, mostly season buoys. As port entry light the customer use Sabik LS 100, LO 200 and LO 200H lanterns. All ice buoys are equipped with Sabik VP LED and MPV LED lanterns. On the summer buoys they mainly use self-contained lights SC 110 and M650H.

The best quality fo harsh conditions

Lanterns used in this area face harsh winter conditions and have to be able to work also with minimal amount of sunlight. Ice thickness is up to one meter with permanent high and low tides steams speed more than two knots. Also spring ice drift take place at Archangelsk port and ice is drifting from the top of the river. Solar power sources are being used at the latitudes from 64ºN, Archangelsk (all year around), to 68ºN, Naryan-Mar (June-September). Temperature can be down to -35ºC at Archangelsk and -50ºC at Sabetta. “We carried out tests on ice buoy lights from di¢erent manufacturers for a long period of time and concluded that Sabik’s MPV LED is the only lantern that can withstand ice conditions in the area. We also believe that Sabik range light is the only economically efficient light for our latitudes (64ºN) as an all year signal using solar energy. For self-contained light for summer buoys we appreciate Carmanah M650H”, tells Alexey Bogunov, Head of Marine Channels Department about their vigorous testing.

Sabik webSCADA for monitoring of lanterns

This year Rosmorport is installing LO 200 lanterns at Onega port and M650H on the buoys of Solovki and Belomorsk terminals. Test installations of M650H lanterns will also be done on summer buoys of Naryan-Mar port (Latitude 68ºN) during June to September. VP LED, LO 200 and modified LED 350 lanterns are being installed at the port Sabetta during 2016 and 2017. Sabik WebSCADA software for the monitoring of remote ATON’s is also being used. This will enable easy monitoring and control of lanterns.

Great savings due to Sabik lanterns

“Our initial estimation shows that self-contained lanterns expenses compensation finished after 3 years of use, all following years bring “profit”. Expenses for ice buoy lanterns decreased because of decrease of damage on ice buoy lanterns at winter time and during ice drift. We believe that it is better to buy quality equipment, than every time deal with insurance companies. And of course the reliability of ATON’s coefficient increased. This means increased safety of navigation”, says Mr Bogunov.

“In addition to already provided technical benefits we would like to stress the good presentation of Sabik in Russia. We would like to point out good interaction and qualification of Sabik's Regional Manager Evgeny Nabatov personally, also in general questions of ATON’s development. Thanks to great equipment, we plan to continue cooperation,” expresses Alexey Bogunov his good experiences on Sabik.

Marine Products in this Reference

LO 200

LO 200 H



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