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Sabik Bluetooth Control‘s in the Field Advantage


The lantern ODSL200 was installed on an existing and ageing 23 meter high steel tower, with the upper most platform being only about 1 square meter in the location of Aore Island, Vanuatu. Space was very limited, and the fewer personnel and tools that were required to be taken up to the platform the better. In spite of the limited space and challenging warm conditions, the lantern was installed in less than 5 hours from arriving on site. Once the lantern was installed, tests were needed to be performed to confirm everything was working and the battery was charging as required. As the ODSL200 now comes standard with our Bluetooth Control module, the technicians were able to undertake these tests and programming functions from the safety of the ground using smartphones with the Sabik Bluetooth Control app.

This made the commissioning and testing process much safer, quicker and easier – exactly what the Sabik Bluetooth Control software app was intended to do. As part of the ongoing maintenance program for the ODSL200 sector lantern, given its importance to safe navigation around Aore island, Department of Ports and Harbour staff will visit the site every 6 months to check the lantern and the status of the battery and panel charging etc. Previously they would have been required to climb the tower and access the top platform to undertake these tasks, but now they too can do this from the safety and convenience of the ground. So Sabik Bluetooth Control not only offers users the latest in technology from Sabik Marine, but it makes both the initial lantern installation quicker and easier and for field technicians improved safety and effciency in the real world for no cost other than their existing Bluetooth capable device.

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